Host webinars
Make your webinars engaging. Interact with your slides, address participants' needs by handwriting notes.
Shoot educational video
Make interactive educational videos or vlogs for your online courses. Fast and affordably priced.
Communicate with employees and customers
Create an exploratory video and share it with your employees or customers. Express complicated ideas in a simply interactive way.

Our clients

Videos from our studios

Produce your videos faster and cheaper

For 8 hours educational course*
*Comparison made by data taken from RANEPA
The cost of the course development was reduced by 4 times
The time spent on video production decreased by 30%

Start using our studios

Produce your videos in our studios
Prepare your slides, book a studio and come to shoot a video in one of our studios. Equipment and staff are always ready.
Order and install your own studio
Choose a room for a studio, select studio type and leave the rest to us. We will deliver and install the equipment and train your staff to make video courses in Jalinga studio.
Order producing of video course made with Jalinga technology
We don’t just make videos. We also offer methodology and design courses as well as a course bundle.

Our partners

  • Retail our studios and software
  • Lease Jalinga studios
  • Offer your options for cooperation